Thursday, October 1, 2015

What did I do on September?

Welcome October...
Sudah kurang lebih 1 bulan dengan gelar sarjana hahaha dan sekarang jobseeker a.k Jobless, oh God. Ternyata banting tulang untuk dapat gelar sarjana itu tak seberapa halnya dengan hal yang harus dilakukan setelahnya. Untuk teman-teman yang lagi berjuang, Semangat :). Oke kembali ke topik, 

what did I do on Sept?
I think, I didn't do anything hahahhaha. But, Thanks God to make me still alive :).
Last month, I had a lot of new friends, we met for the same purpose a.k study english hahahhaha, so maybe in this post my english is so bad, forgiveme (I'm still learning, guys).

I have 12 new friends and you can call them :
Juli : My first friend in there hehehehe, nice to meet you. end then 
Yuli : The Best photographer, we always together in english camp a.k holiday (Panambungan Island), why? because we didn't know everyone except our teacher hehehe.
Meli : I like this girl, she is very humorist.
Virda : beautiful girl, her laugh is louder than us. hahaha peace.
Iqbal : He is stolid, but I don't think so hahahaha He know germany cz he study about germany in university.
Kevin : I just know, he is stolid and smart boy.
Henry : Man who always come with a tired face.
Uki : 
Bryan : He is humorist.
Bayu : I can't describe, but in the class he is stolid, I don't know maybe he is afraid to say anything, because if we use indo we must pay --". don't be afraid guys.
Eka : Girl who always come with a tired face.
Yuslan : he has a pet and he call it TIDOR. when he told us about that, we confused, we think TIDOR is TIDUR or TIGER hahahaha but in the last presentation we knew that TIDOR is his cat's name. Humorist boy, but sometimes make me uncomfortable with his attitude. still young.

minus 5 (Yuli, Virda, Bayu, Henry, Kevin)
And I never to forget this one, because He is special. He is smarter than us (in English) yeah he is our teacher, thank you Sir Agus for 1 month you tried to teach us about english hahahaha. forgive us Sir for 1 month ago if we had something that make u sad maybe, but we don't care Sir hahahaha. Sir Agus is kind man, humorist man, sometimes be annoying, care, and always ask us "Do you have blackbery charger or samsung or sony? can I borrow?", "I don't care (but in reality he care)" hahaha.

I think enough, I'll write again about them if I have free time.

Yeah, in September I studied english, and do anything like a Jobless. 
Have a nice day blogger, wish us luck in this month Welcome Oktober. YOLO guys, do anything that you can do to make ur dream come true. See you in the next story.

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